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earcandy prides itself on being the best source for all types of musical and corporate entertainment. When you throw an event, be it a company Christmas party, a reunion or a wedding, you want things to be exciting for your guests. You want everyone to get up and move on the dance floor, and most of all you want your wedding band to provide the best entertainment value for your money.

Here at earcandy we work hard to give you the very best in bands for hire. Our cover bands are true professional musicians. We don’t drag in part-time band members or guys who DJ on the weekends. Our musicians are full-time, trained and experienced band members who understand what it is to throw a major event. The cover bands are just what you need to get your group out of their seats and on to the dance floor.

Band Hire in London

In London, cover bands for hire are easy to come by. There are talented musicians everywhere. The trick is to book bands that meet the needs of your particular group while matching the tone and sound of the event. You need to find cover bands for hire who understand the right texture and sound for your event. After all, you don’t want your band blaring out golden oldies when you planned on quiet jazz bands for a cocktail event.

Earcandy acts cover a wide variety of musical sounds and abilities. From the classic wedding DJ to a Motown bands complete with three front singers and a musical entourage, our performers are ready for any event. Let the band fade into the background professionally. When it’s time to feature the music, trust in our talented professionals to bring your crowd to life – it’s what we do and we’re good at it.

Bands and DJs for Hire

If you’re looking for bands for your event, you can book a group easily. There are fliers and ads on popular advertisement websites. Often, however, the musicians answering those ads fail to provide the level of expertise that earcandy, an entertainment agency – UK specialists even – can deliver. When you arrange to book soul bands or jazz bands or even a wedding reception dj, London and the surrounding areas have certain requirements that have to be met.

Noise Codes – There are noise limits and ordinances within the city and within each venue. While you might invite your neighbors in hopes that nobody calls the authorities on your over-the-top music, it’s far better to arrange a band that knows the laws and can put on a professional show without illegal levels of music, and certainly without damaging the ears of your guests.

Insurance – When you a book a wedding band in London, you need to be sure that your arrangements include the appropriate insurance for the event. earcandy bands are professionally managed by an entertainment agency; UK requirements and common courtesy are handed by the entertainment coordinator assigned to your actual event. She will ensure that all necessary coverage is provided by the band ahead of time. After all, you need to keep your venue and guests absolutely safe – very few independent or freelance soul bands for hire take this aspect of the law and safety seriously enough. We do.

Equipment and Performance – Bands for hire need a lot of stuff. When you book a band for your corporate entertainment, you can expect them group to bring in speakers, lights, sound equipment and, of course, the microphones and instruments. You’ll be busy with your own activities the day of your big party, and you don’t want to be facilitating the moving and setting up of equipment. You’d like to trust that the professional musicians you’ve hired can handle it. And in the case of earcandy tribute bands for hire, they really can.

You’re assigned an entertainment coordinator for your event. She not only arranges all of the necessary permits and insurance for your live music, she’ll also oversee the activities of the cover bands for hire on the day of the big event. You’ll be able to relax and enjoy your friends and guests without searching for extension cords and fuse boxes. The coordinator will be sure that all of the set up, sound checks and performances go smoothly.

Punctuality and Professionalism – Bands and live musicians have a reputation of being a bit “flexible” in their schedules. You may hear horror stories of soul bands who decide to simply not show up, or the wedding reception DJ who was a few hours late. You don’t need headaches or even worry about band members or DJs for hire who are not punctual or professional. With your entertainment coordinator, you can rest assured that the musicians will be set up to arrive on time for your event and that they will have everything they need.

On the off chance that a band member is unavailable suddenly on the day of your event, you still don’t need to worry. earcandy manages a large number of exclusive artists . If one of our musicians isn’t able to perform, we will substitute a musician who is at least as good, if not better, than the one who was unable to meet his obligation. Our band hire process is totally stress free.

Finding the Best Bands London Offers

There is a dazzling array of musicians in London with a very wide range of rates. It’s hard to know who to pick for your event. If you’re looking for a terrific band with a professional appeal coupled with a stress-free experience, earcandy has everything you’re looking for. Our process couldn’t be simpler:

Set a date and a budget for your event. If you’re not sure about a budget, get a ballpark number just for the sake of discussion when it comes to major entertainment like a live band or wedding DJ.

Call earcandy and speak to a representative about your event and what sort of entertainment you’d like to have. Our bands cover a wide array of musical styles from Motown bands featuring oldies to soul bands for hire that play the top hits of today. We have jazz ensembles, full bands, special singers and DJ services. Once you tell us what you’re looking for to book bands, we can help guide you to the best selection for you event.

Once you’ve made a selection, you don’t need to much of anything else. Your entertainment coordinator will take care of all communications and necessary items for you. Pick a band, pick out a few favorite songs to enjoy on your special day and let us do the rest.

Function bands from earcandy

If you are not familiar with Function bands then this can make the process seem intimidating so let earcandy take on the hard work when it involves booking function bands for your live event. There are numerous bands for hire out there, and picking the correct wedding band or function band can be difficult sometimes, using live music for your event gives your day an extra dimension, so picking the right function bands is essential. Picking the wrong bands for hire can lower the level of enjoyment of your big day, so let earcandy the premier entertainment agency take the hassle out of your day and make it an event to remember.

earcandy the premier entertainment agency

We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction your can read a few of our great reviews here earcandy testimonials . Our core focus as an entertainment agency is to offer the best possible service at great prices and this is true of all the services we offer as an entertainment agency, namely wedding bands , Function bands , Dj hire, Live party bands , Cover bands , Tribute bands and much more. Great live wedding music is an essential part of your VIP occasion, and we are here to make sure your day is the best you can possibly get.

There is a wide range of wedding bands around, offering live wedding music at very different prices – how can you select from the bewildering array?

Simple, let earcandy entertainment agency do the work for you. When it comes to your choice of bands for hire or live party music we are here to make that day extra special for you. You can’t audition all live party bands and this is why people turn to an entertainment agency for the special day they have planned.

earcandy Music is the premier entertainment agency in the UK , our bookings are always praised, you can have a look here earcandy testimonials also check out some great tips on the earcandy blog .

Remember, this is your special day – we are here to ensure the evening is as memorable as the day.